Personal Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones

We can help you decide what computeror other equipment would best fit your needs.  We setup new computers and move all of your data from your old machine and assist you with using specialized software for email, desktop publishing, spreadsheets and social media.  We help you use a smart phone (Android, Apple or Windows) and other mobile devices to access the internet, email, file sharing and pictures, along with storing important documents for when you are away from home.  Have a question?  Call us we will be happy to talk about what you need.

Virus Removal and Computer Cleanup

We can stop real viruses, malware, spyware and adware from taking over your machine.  NOTE:  If you have seen a popup warning you that you are infected while you are on a website or webpage and the website provides you with a phone number to get assistance from someone, check with a family member or friend to determine if the screen you are seeing is real.  Usually these websites are scams or lures and you should call a reputable repair service rather then the phone number that is on your screen.

Network and System Integration, Data Backup and Synchronization

If you need a new modem, wireless router, or other system configuration change made — we can help.  We gather information from you on how you use your current system and what the possibilities are in the future to be sure that your system will meet your needs today and as your future changes.

Are your files, folders, contacts, calendars and other information getting out of control?  Do you want to be sure that pictures, emails, important documents and information you need is safe and stored where it can be recovered in the event of a computer or hardware failure?  We can help you be sure that your information is safe and provide you with a backup system that you will understand and be able to check on your own.

Streaming Video and Audio Systems

Have you heard about services that give you the ability to watch shows, movies, and programs when you want to watch rather then when the cable network runs the program?  We can help you select a streaming video or audio system that will let you be in charge of your monthly viewing costs and content.